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As an endorsed CheckaTrade Company and metal roof contractor, JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing is among the leading service providers in the Worthing roofing industry. Our products offer quality protection for your home or business. We provide the full range of services, including repairs, maintenance, new installations and part replacments. We rely on our relationships with major suppliers in Worthing to get us the best materials in the market.

Our Gurantee

  • Free site visit and survey
  • No hidden costs
  • British standards compliant
  • Fully Insured
  • Clean and efficient
  • Professional workmanship

Robust Metal Roofing Company in Worthing

Our roofing company has been operating for over a decade, providing architects and construction firms in Worthing with all types of metal roofing services. As a socially responsible company, we value the communities we operate in, including our employee relationships, suppliers, and most especially, our customers. “Service excellence” isn’t just a term we use. It is the foundation of our strategy.

Whether you’re putting up a new building project from scratch or you want a new roofing system for your existing building, a metal roof could be just the right solution you need. Our roofs are the ultimate protection for your property from external elements, and offer excellent security.

Metal Roofing Services for all Properties in Worthing

We offer quality metal roofs for your domestic and commercial building. You can rely on our team of professionals to deliver on your requirements, whether it is zinc, copper, stainless steel, or aluminium roofing services. Our roof installers are experts that are capable of finishing your property in Worthing with a metal roofline. Regardless of the type of domestic roof lining; pre-decked soffits, fascias, guttering or cladding, you can trust our experts to set up the complete selection for you.

In addition to improving the appeal of your house, it strengthens the structural timbres, enhances its weather-resistance, and makes your metal roof last longer. Your garden sheds and condominiums are great with metal roofs. Our company delivers durable metal roofs to commercial buildings and offices in Worthing. Security is one of the major concerns for your property as a business enterprise. Besides setting up strong and resilient metal roofs on your building, JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing also makes them look appealing.

JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing gives your building a beautiful and modern roofing design. We also ensure that all our projects have insurance coverage. We complete our clients’ projects with in-house professionals. We don’t outsource to third-party workers. We know security is a major factor in any commercial establishment. We make and install metal roofs that can withstand the test of rigour and time.

Elegant Metal Roofing Services in Worthing

At JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing, we give your property an attractive contemporary makeover. We don’t subcontract our projects. Our trained specialists execute all projects in-house. Roofing materials are expected to have a long lifespan (at most 30 years), be aesthetically attractive, easy to fit, cost-effective, low-maintenance and sustainable. All these and more can be found in our copper, stainless steel, aluminium, zinc and other metal roofing sheets. Not many roofing materials can perform better than they do. By cladding the roof, you can give it the required protection from outside influences. This is why metals such as copper, stainless steel, aluminium and zinc make very good roofing materials. If you are installing a completely new roof or considering replacing the old one with a new fitting, metal roofing is a very popular option.

We fix metal roofs without inconveniencing you because they are easy to install. In addition to comfort, metal roofs also help you save money. They can withstand harsh weather; particularly rain. Some metal roofs are fire-resistant, so you can worry less. You don’t need to maintain your metal roof as regularly. Our Worthing plant makes metal roofs in different beautiful colours. Our roofing experts at JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing are not only experienced, but also trained to provide excellent services. We strive to conduct our services on properties without causing disturbance to the inhabitants. We carry out our jobs in the most seamless fashion. Customers who have experienced our metal roof services in Worthing appreciate the friendliness of our roof installers.

Which Trusted Trade

At JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing, we encourage our customers in Worthing and its environs to rate our metal roofing service online. Our company has good ratings on Which Trusted Trade. By reading our reviews you will realise that our metal roofs are very reasonably priced in Worthing.


JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing is committed to and driven by the desire to provide a quality service to its customers in Worthing. At JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing, we are always looking to make improvements on our work and our relationship with our customers.Our CheckaTrade profile demonstrates that we do business the right way

What Makes JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing Stand out in Worthing?

Professionals at Metal Roofing

You’ll be happy with the service we deliver because we have been in the metal roofing business for over a decade.

Value for Money

Our objective is to transform you building in Worthing with our metal roofs.

Replacement Services for Metal Roofs

SAfter a hefty impact or turbulent storm, the damage to your old metal roof may require quick replacement. Your roof may also need to be replaced when the factory gloss rubs off, and the panels begin to rust. There are times when a new metal roof may be laid over the pre-existing one. At JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing, our products are developed to operate for a long time. When we are done replacing your roofing, you might never have to install new ones again.

Fully Insured

In spite of our strict safety processes, we protect all projects with an insurance policy. This way, your property is safe from any incurred damages.

Call Us for Quotes on Your New Metal Roof

If you are building a new house or office complex, you can rely on the services of JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing to come through. With our metal roofs, we assist architects, homebuilders, and engineers construct beautiful properties in Worthing to meet their objectives. We give you a lasting warranty on our products. Call Our Direct Line on 01903 337327 and get a Free Quote.

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Information about Worthing
  • Worthing is based in JG Leadwork and Roofing and we provide the best Metal Roofing services.
  • In addition to the expert services provided by JG Leadwork and Roofing, ourRoofer are based in Worthing and they offer services such as roofing insulation, domestic roofing, roofing contractors, roofing maintenance, metal roofing, industrial roofing, soffits, and epdm.
  • commercial roofing, roofing restoration, fascia, shingle roofing, roofing chimney-flashing, roofing leak-repairs, and roofing emergency are some of the services provided by JG Leadwork and Roofing in Worthing.
  • OurRoofer service at JG Leadwork and Roofing is based in Worthing can help you with services such as lead-works, asphalt roofing, flat roofing, tile roofing, guttering, grp-fibreglass roofing, and roofing waterproof-membrane.
  • The Borough of Worthing is in a vantage position in West Sussex in the UK.
  • In previous times, Worthing was part of Sussex.
  • The council of Worthing is in the Worthing Rural District.
  • Worthing local council is a Borough Status In The United Kingdom that supplies local services within the region.
  • JG Leadwork and Roofing offers services that are performed by ourRoofer in Worthing in South East England.
  • JG Leadwork and Roofing is situated in the Borough of Worthing and ourRoofer service regions extends up to Durrington, Heene, High Salvington, Goring-by-Sea, and Salvington.
  • The borders of Worthing is constituted by Offington, Tarring, Broadwater, Cote, and Findon Valley.
  • OurRoofer at JG Leadwork and Roofing is based in Worthing and covers Goring-by-Sea, Salvington, and Heene.
  • Townlets within and around the Town of Worthing also include Tarring, and Broadwater.
  • In Worthing there are numerous top quality colleges and schools such as Our Lady of Sion School, and Durrington High School.
  • Worthing Museum and Art Gallery, and High Salvington Windmill provides people in need of help and advice regarding the history of Worthing.
  • Medical necessities are provided by Worthing Hospital to Worthing.
  • Beach House Park, and Highdown Gardens in Worthing are popular for their wellness and health benefits.
  • Road network such as A24 road (England) has made driving in Worthing enjoyable.
  • Littlehampton is located along the west of Worthing.
  • Shoreham by Sea is located along the eastern boundaries of Worthing's Borough.
  • Located southern and adjacent to Worthing is Picardy, Normandy, and Buncton.
  • The northern boundaries of Worthing is close to Steyning, Patching, and Buncton.
  • Cissbury Ring is situated within the boundaries of Worthing.
  • Worthing is the most interesting place to visit for a view of the St Mary of the Angels, Worthing.
  • Worthing College, Manor Sports Ground, Worthing railway station, Davison High School, and Northbrook College are located in Worthing.
  • A number of companies including Worthing Tramocars, Automotive Financial Group, and RISC OS Open in the Town of Worthing.