One major fact about flat roofs is that they are highly susceptible to leaks. This may result from harsh environmental factors that cause wear and tear, or outdated roofing techniques that may have been used in installing the roof.

The flat nature of the roof means water does not run off quickly and as such, it can easily collect in the slightest crack on the roofing surface. If you have a flat roof, you may have to deal with leaks at one point or the other. Therefore, it is important to know your options regarding repairs.

For flat roof repairs, you can opt for DIY repairs, or you may decide to call a professional to handle it. Generally, this should depend on how far gone the damage to your flat roof is.

You should know that repairing a flat roof, rather than completely changing it, may do more harm than good if the damage is severe. This is because patching the roof when the leak is already visible on the ceiling beneath does nothing for the moisture already trapped under your roof. Eventually, the deck and rafters underneath begin to rot.

The first thing to do when considering repairs for a leaky flat roof is to take steps to ensure that the damage caused by the leak does not become too severe. This involves handling the problem quickly and completely.

Flat Roofing Problems

You may easily detect that your flat roof is leaking. However, if the leak is not yet visible from the ceiling beneath, it may not be detected quickly. If you notice plants growing on your flat roof, you may have a leak. However, in some cases determining exactly where the leak is coming from may not be so easy. This is because water has the tendency to follow the path of least resistance, meaning that it flows away from where the leak actually is. The leak may be metres away from the signs that you see.

You need to start off by checking the joints and corners of your roof for cracks, as well as your chimney, ventilation silts, and roof lights for any appearing cracks. Where the flat roof meets the walls of your building is a common source of leaks. Also, any puddles building up on your roof over 25mm could be the source of your problem. If you are not able to determine the source of your roof leak, then you should call a specialist.

Roof Repairs

The possibility of having your flat roof repaired depends on the condition of the roof, when it was first installed, and how far the damage has gone. Generally, a well-installed flat roof that is maintained often can be repaired. However, it is better to get it done by a specialist who can assess the roof and give you the best option, depending on the type of roof you have.