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About JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing

At JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing, we’ve provided the highest quality roofing services and solutions to residents of the Worthing area for the past 10 years. In those 10 years, our Worthing customers have always been satisfied with the keen price we guarantee in our free quote, and the quality of our work.

JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing’s name comes from our proficiency in delivering professional roofing services and solutions 24 hours a day 7 days of the week to the Worthing area.

Our roofing company’s expertise is geared towards satisfying our clients with long lasting, well priced, and reliable roofing solutions that stand the test of time. What's even better, is we have a free quote service to make sure you get the best price for the job. Beyond that, our roofing solutions also increase the aesthetic appeal and property value of every building we work on in and around Worthing.

Regardless of what sort of building you need roofing work done on in Worthing - commercial, residential, public or industrial - the expertise of our highly trained, experienced, and certified roofers are up to the task. Because roofing is vital to a building’s integrity and safety, we do not, and dare not, take our work lightly. Properly done roofing does not only provide a building to protect from the elements, but it also enhances a building’s beauty and security by providing you with warmth, shelter, and comfort all year round.

Our Professional Roofing Services in Worthing include:

Commercial Roofing Solutions

Industrial Roofing Services

Residential Roofing Experts

Our fully registered and licensed roof maintenance experts in Worthing can provide you guaranteed services such as; free site visit and survey, services that meet the highest British standards, full insurance against accidents, and the most skilled workmanship Worthing has to offer. All at affordable prices with no hidden costs.

Some of our roofing services include:

  • Tile, slate and stone roofing
  • Step roofing
  • Cold applied liquid system
  • Flat roofing
  • Terrace roofing
  • Chimney stack repairs

Why JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing is the preferred roof repair company in Worthing

Our roof survey services: We refuse to offer roofing solutions without first identifying and understanding the cause of the problem. We at JG Leadwork and Roofing in Worthing accomplish this by identifying what’s wrong with your roof through an extensive roof survey using our highly specialised equipment. Utilising our powerful CCTV units we evaluate every aspect of your roof to determine what repairs are necessary before delivering a durable and effective solution to meet your roofing needs.

Our roof repair experts in Worthing consist of highly trained, and friendly roofers: Roofers on JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing’s team are all experienced experts who are passionate about putting a trusted roof over you and your family’s head. With the knowledge gained from their certified training, our roofing experts are capable of delivering quality roofing solutions and services that will in no way jeopardise your home or its occupants’ safety. One of our ways of ensuring this is never bringing a non-247 trained roofer to a client’s job.

Our roof repair services are reasonably priced and competitive: We have an excellent working relationship with our principal suppliers of roofing materials. This makes it possible for us to source superior roofing materials at less cost and to quote our clients more affordable prices. Working with JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing, you get quality roofing and a warranty at wallet-friendly prices.

If you need reliable and durable roofing services in Worthing that’s surprisingly affordable, contact us now at JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing for a free consultation service and a free quote!

Quotes on roof repairs and installations at JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing

Before providing our Worthing clients any quote, we perform an extensive survey of the needs of their property’s roof. This helps us determine what solution will best suit the property.

We ensure all our quotes are final and do not attempt to change it without your knowledge. We also offer exciting discounts to clients who subscribe to our premium offers. If you subscribe to our premium plans, you can expect hugely discounted services.

No hidden charges are placed on quotes for our services at JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing. We deal transparently with all clients, and because of that, you can be assured we won’t betray your trust. Never expect to have hidden charges or fees inserted into a quote given you by us. The prices in our quotes are clearly stated and are designed to offer you the best value at the fairest cost.

A typical quote from us will contain a final service price, an expenses breakdown, the duration of the job, and available payment options.

JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing offers free client consultations before we deliver you a free quote that will not hit your finances. Once we’ve agreed on a quote, we’ll immediately get to work on your job.

Because our clients’ satisfaction is what drives our passion to deliver the best roofing services and solutions in Worthing, we at JG Leadwork and Roofing Worthing offer our customers the fairest prices possible.

Below is provided a glimpse of the sort of price estimates we provide our clients:

  • Roof repairs that take up to a day will cost about £300 per day. But about £50 will be charged on most minor repair jobs.
  • For a new roof on a 3 bedroom semi-detached house with an average roof area of 75sqm, we might charge about £4,500 and £5,000.
  • For a new roof on a 4 bedroom semi-detached house, we might charge between £5,300 and £7,200.
  • For a new roof on a 2 bedroom terraced house with an average roof area of 55sqm, we might charge about £3,550 and £4,000.

Please note that none of these prices are certain until we have surveyed your building. Also, these prices depend on the current cost of construction materials.

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